New Music Playlist – April 2023 – Playlist 3 of 4

PLAYLIST #3 – APRIL 21st, 2023

Welcome to Playlist #3 of 4 for the month of April. It’s also #NewMusicFriday! In this edition of the #NewMusicPlaylist, we introduce another playlist category that we used to have during our podcast days and we are bringing it back. Introducing “Mood Muzik”, a playlist featuring ambient, slow tempo, and soft rock music curated to accompany your meloncholy moods that need music just a little slower and lyrically powerful. Scroll below and check out the music in the April playlist #3 of the New Music Playlist of Expand Your Playlist!

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Was this song made for this playlist or was this playlist made for this song? This is Highland Kites, and Indie Folk Rock band who we have been following since thy started in Los Angeles, who now make their music in Nashville. If you like their style of music, check out their 2 albums, EP’s and countless of singles.

THE SUBWAYS – Love Me More
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It’s not a comeback because this icon Punk Rock band never went away. Their latest release is this melodic rock ballad. This song is not on their latest album released in January title “Uncertain Joys”, but it is a B-Side (remember B-Sides????) to the title track “Unceratin Joys” out now! Did we just reveal our age?

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This is the second song release of 2023 from this hard rock band from Denmark. With the hauntingly melodic voice of Maja Shining in lead vocals, this is Forever Still with “Blackout”. Their last full album release was “Breathe in Colours”, released in 2019.

LIGHTS – Voices Carry – dEd Version
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This version of “Voices Carry” is from Lights’ latest album “dEd”, which are stripped, melodic versions of their music from their 2022 album “PEP”, which is a more Rock / Pop version of these songs.

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This, along with “True Love”, are the latest releases from Chrstine and the Queens, with a new full length album to released in June.

RAYE ZARAGOZA – Who Do You Think You Are
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We were intoduced to Raye’s music back in 2020 during the pandemic with the song “When This Shit Is Over”, but it was just the beginning of her music career with 2 albums, EP”s, many singles, and appearing in the various soundtracks including “Spirit Rangers” on Netflix, added to her credits of accomplishments so far.

SLEEPING AT LAST – Wave After Wave
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Sleeping At Last (aka Ryan O’Neal), is a Chicago based singer-songwriter who has a lot of songs and albums to his credits includng many TV and Movie soundtracks and being an annual fixture in our Christmas playlists with his beautiful renditions of Christmas classics. This song, “Wave After Wave”, is off his 2023 EP “Some Kind of Heaven”.

MARIE SEYRAT – Bullet With Butterfly Wings
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The French-born half of the indie pop / folk duo Freedom Fry, releases this solo cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. This song also appears on our “Mixtape: Covered Up” covers playlist on Spotify.

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Expand Your Playlist – April 2023

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