The Listening Station Playlist #20 – 7/10/23

Welcome to another edition of the Listening Station playlist. We are here to help you discover new bands and artists and to help you… Expand Your Playlist!

In this playlist, we have compiled for you another playlist of music with bands veterans to E.Y.P. and a few new ones for you to listen to and discover again or for the first time.

If you are new to E.Y.P. and missed the music in past months and would to catch up on what you have missed, you can do so at any time as they posted by month on this website and on Spotify. Just click on the links on the menu above.

If you are a muscian or in a band, or represent band and would like us to feature their music on a future playlist of Expand Your Playlist, simply just send us a message on social media, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook under @eyplaylist, or E-Mail us at Please include a link to the music, preferably on Spotify. All other formats and links are also accepted.

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