Who Are We?

We have seen throughout social media, most specifically Twitter, people (mostly bots) always asking for new music and asking people for links to their music / Spotify link. Although we admire the question, it’s usually a ploy to get people to buy a subscription to their service to get their music placed.

But what about those people who just want an outlet to discover new music that radio and other major outlets, and even some playlists, are not playing? Their is a lot of music being made these days that does not make the public radio airwaves or satellite radio. That is where we come in.

We make music playlists on Spotify. That is definitely nothing new or inventive…. but the music we put in these playlists are. We scan the globe (or the global internet) to find music and bands that should be heard. From the established to the Independent Artist. To the touring band, to the Garage band. From the main stage to the open mic stage. We look all over the place to find you new music for you to listen to possible have them added to your personal playlist. That will help the bands and artists get their music heard and hopefully expand their fanbase, and we hope that it will help you the listener… Expand Your Playlist.

Are you involved with the music business?

Since 2015, we started this project as a podcast, creating this independent outlet to help bands and artists, giving their music another spotlight. It may not be the brightest spotlight, but you never know who is listening. We are not affiliated with any radio or music company. This is created independently, on our own spare time, to share music that we come across various platforms. The artists and bands we profile vary from professional levels and genres, but as we may feature bands you have already heard of, we tend to feature and showcase independent and newly signed band and artists from the Pop and Rock genres.

How do I get my music on your playlists?

A thousand dollars.

Just kidding. Besides having a Spotify subscription to listen to the playlists, everything else to be involved by listening or submitting music is absolutely FREE. If there is a music you would like for us to listen to, whether you are the musicians who created the music or just a fan, you can simply send us a message on social media (Instagram preferably) with the Spotify link. You can also send it our Twitter. If you subscribed to a playlist placement service, you can find which ones we are involved in by checking out our Linktree link on our social media bios.

Another direct way to reach us for anything is to e-mail us at expandyourplaylist@yahoo.com

Where can I find your playlists?

Here are links you should bookmark and follow to keep up to date to everything we post and create, as well as this website.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/eyplaylist
Twitter: www.twitter.com/eyplaylist
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyplaylist
Linktree: linktr.ee/eyplaylist
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/eyplaylist/playlists

Thank you for your time. I hope you will come to us every week as we bring you new music for you to listen and discover to help you.. Expand Your Playlist.