As we start posting these playlists in blog form, you may have notice that they will be out of order for a bit until we get our bearings and get organized. With that being said, welcome to the first playlist of April. They are released every week so this will be the first of four for this month. Then we reset the playlist to the month of May. You can find all of music from this and past months on the “Music Featured in 2023” playlist, which can be found on Spotify or on the right column of your screen.

Now that, that is out of the way… Here is Playlist #1 for April 2023.

100 Gecs – Hollywood Baby
Instagram / Twitter

Definitely not traditional but it feels and sounds oh so good! The melodies and melodic noises created by this duo make this a fun song to top your playlists.

Robot Tennis Club – Backseat Taxi
Instagram / Twitter

Special thanks to Deefur from the 110 Pod for discovering this band and featuring them on her podcast. We are proud to have collaborated with her with a playlist featuring all of the music featured in the podcast, the EYP X 110 Pod Playlist. Find it on our playlist page and on Spotify. Oh and by the way, the song is really great too!

Bloxx – Television Promises
Instagram / Twitter

This UK Indie Pop band came into our world with the awesome album “Lie Out Loud” in 2020, which we must have played half of their album on our playlists with tracks such as “Go Out With You”, “5000 Miles”, and “Give Me The Keys”. They are back in 2023 with their track “Television Promises”

Elephant Stone – Hollow World
Instagram / Twitter

The Montreal-based Indie band blends Indian music, indie pop and psychedelic rock into this beautiful and melodic track.

Jackie – My Best Years

They hit our radar in 2020 with their album “New at Drugs”, followed by their single “Perform”, which made a few of our lists. They returned in 2022 with their album “Hey Angel”, which this song is taken from.

Yonaka – Welcome To My House
Instagram / Twitter

Yonaka is back on our playlist. We kicked off the year with their song “PANIC”, back in February. They are back again with another great song, “Welcome To My House”.

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