New Music Playlist – April 2023 – Playlist 2 of 4

PLAYLIST #2 – APRIL 14th 2023

Welcome to Playlist #2 of 4 for the month of April. It’s also #NewMusicFriday when we drop these playlists. In this edition of the #NewMusicPlaylist, we added the following songs to the the playlist that may not be brand spanking new, but it’s new to us and hopefully new to you! Some of the tracks were released last year, 2021, and also one track back from 2011. Which one? Scroll below and check out the April playlist #2 of the New Music Playlist of Expand Your Playlist!

BROOKSIE – Not Into You
released in 2021

This song was released and played by us in 2021, but it’s such a good song that we added it again for those of you who missed it the first time. And this probably won’t be the last time we featuring it again. This song definitley gives out some Daft Punk vibes.

released in 2022
Instagram | Twitter

She is originally from Baltimore but she has been the queen of the Indie music scene in Los Angeles for a few years now. We have been following her progress since her first self-titled EP in 2016, and we continue to follow with her current EP “Mindseye”, released in 2022.

BERTOIA – Monotone
released in 2011
Instagram | Twitter

This is why we do these playlists. Not only do we enjoy hearing the latest in music, but we also love finding gems from years ago and present to you tracks that are new to us. This is “Monotone” from Bertoia which was released in 2011 from their album “Modern Synthesis”. Bertioa is a Shoegaze / Indie Pop band from Tokyo. Their recent release was the single ‘Pure Black” released in 2021.

WORK DRUGS – Captiva Vibes
Instagram | Twitter

Labeled as “smooth-fi”, they blend indie pop and soft rock with a lo-fi component to their music that results into the smooth indie pop sound you hear from them today. This track gives off some smooth, 80’s Miami Vice vibes. We dig it!

THE PEARL HARTS – Hypocritical
Instagram | Twitter

Hitting the Rock scene in 2014, the female rock duo caught our eyes and ears in 2017 with their song “LARA”, then with their full album release “Glitter and Spit’ in 2018. They return in 2023 with their single “Hypocritical” off their second album “Love, Chaos”, out on April 21st, 2023.

BLONDSHELL – Veronica Mars
released in 2022
Instagram | Twitter

Introducing Blondshell with “Veronica Mars” off her self-titled debut album out now!
You will be hearing more from her and from this album in future playlists.

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Expand Your Playlist – April 2023

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