New Music Playlist – April 2023 – Playlist 4 of 4

PLAYLIST #4 – APRIL 28th, 2023

Welcome to Playlist #4, the fourth and final playlist for the month of April. Next time, we will be flipping the reset button on the playlist and starting a new for the month. Don’t worry, the music in this playlist is being added to the “Music Featured in 2023” playlist. That is where all of the music featured in 2023, from all our various genre playlists, will end up.

In this edition of the New Music Playlist, (titled subject to change), we end the month in full Rock mode featuring musicians from all over the globe. Scroll below and check out the music in the April playlist #4 of the New Music Playlist of Expand Your Playlist!

SUSU – Work Song
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What do you get when you combine the female lead vocals of Liza Colby of The Liza Colby Sound and Kia Warren of Revel In Dimes, and you add a mashup of Nina Simone’s “Work Song” with Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold? You get this beautiful masterpiece of a Rock song that yo didn’t know you needed in your life. It beats your heart and soul and blows your mind in the process.

MISTERWIVES – Out Of Your Mind
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This is their return to an E.Y.P. playlist after being on in 2021 with their song “Superbloom”. They are back again with this track “Out Of your Mind”.

THE SHERLOCKS – Don’t Let It Out
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Here is the latest release from one of top up and coming UK bands. You can listen to their complete collection playlist on Spotify.

PALE WAVES – Jealousy
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This is from their third album “Unwanted”, released in 2022. Pale Waves are a four-piece pop-punk band from Manchester.

FIDLAR – Centipede
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At some point you knew FIDLAR would make one of our playlists. “Centipede” is off their self-titled EP, relased in February.

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New to E.Y.P., is Pop / Rock sound of Nessa Barrett. She released he debut album “young forever” in 2022 on Warner Records. This track was released in February 2023.

THE LUKA SKATE – Losing Streak
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Last but not least, coming to us all the way from Winsford, UK is The Luka Skate. They just released their latest album “More Than This”. Stay tuned for more from The Luka Skate.

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Expand Your Playlist – April 2023

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