No Paper. No Scissors. Playlist #6

Answering the question, What Do You Get When You Have NO PAPER and NO SCISSORS? All you are left with is THE ROCK!

In this 6th edition of our Rock Playlist, we have compiled songs featuring bands from all over the world and from various Rock genres like Metal, Hardcore, Punk, and good old-fashioned Rock.

Turn the volume up to 11 as we present to you these new songs and artists to help you discover new music and, as always, to also help you… Expand Your Playlist!

If you are new to E.Y.P. and missed the music in past months, catch up on what you have missed at any time as they are posted by month on this website and on Spotify. Just click on the links on the menu above.

Note: Gold color denotes first time on E.Y.P.

NO PAPER. NO SCISSORS. 2015 – 2022
Take a listen back at the music featured on the No Paper No Scissors playlist from 2015 thru 2022.

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