The Listening Station Playlist #22: August 2023

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Listening Station playlist!

This time around, we are doing something different in the way we are giving you the playlist. Instead of building the monthly playlist week by week, we are giving you the 25-song playlist all at once and breaking it all down on this post and on social media until the next month’s playlist.

Thank you all for your support and patience as we figure this thing out. There has not been enough time lately to make this project what it could be, but I don’t want to abandon it either. So, stick around as we continue to create these playlists out of the love of music and love for these musicians that we select music by for you all to listen to and discover. Stay tuned for more “The Listening Station” playlists and our “Re-Playlist” series as we revisit music featured in past playlists in 2023.

We kick off this playlist with our favorite covers that we have come across and put in our “Covered Up” playlist, a playlist of covers songs. Then, as always, we bounce around several genres to create a great mix of music from great artists, both new and previously featured, for you to discover, listen, and to Expand Your Playlist!

If you are new to E.Y.P. and missed the music in past months, catch up on what you have missed at any time as they are posted by month on this website and on Spotify. Just click on the links on the menu above.

Note: Gold color denotes first time bands on E.Y.P.

More songs featuring RIVALS in past playlists.
“Over It” (2019)
“Fake Rich” (2020)
“Strawberries” (2021)
“They Won’t Love You” (2/23)
“Man Eater” (5/23)

More songs featuring MEET ME @ THE ALTAR in past playlists.
“Kool” (3/23)
“T.M.I.” (5/23)

EXPAND YOUR PLAYLIST – Music Featured in 2023

If you are a musician or in a band, or represent band and would like us to feature their music on a future playlist of Expand Your Playlist, simply just send us a message on social media, we are on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook under @eyplaylist, or E-Mail us at Please include a link to the music, preferably on Spotify. All other formats and links are also accepted.

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